Audio/video is one of the most effective ways in which to tell your story. Whether it is for commercial purposes or capturing an important event such as your wedding day video will tell your story. You may be a small business owner and in two minds whether or not to have a website. Just as audio/video is one of the most effective ways to tell your story so too is a website important for any business. Below are a number of frequently asked questions that you may wish to ask regarding video and/or websites. Should you have any further questions I have not addressed please feel to drop me a mail or give me a call on my cell, anytime.


Why should I hire a wedding videographer?

Your wedding day will likely be the most important day in your life. Using a videographer to “capture time in motion” of that day will ensure you preserve your memories for you to share with generations to come. Therefore, before saying no to a wedding video, talk to those that have had their wedding day professionally recorded on video. Many that did not hire a videographer look back and wish they had. View this video interview with well known USA wedding videographer Al Woodard and appreciate the importance of a wedding video.

How important is it that my photographer and videographer work together?

Your wedding day will likely be the most important day in your life. You hire a photographer and videographer to capture the day’s events. Both to you are equally important, but so very different as they record events either as a “moment in time” or as “time in motion”. As different as they are, so too are their needs with regard to lighting, angles etc. The photographer will normally take the lead. There can only be one director or there will be chaos.

However both photographer and videographer need to work together and respect one another’s space and requirements. The photographer will set the scene but should allow the videographer to record the shot before moving to the next scene, especially when the light starts to fade. The videographer needs to ensure he does not intrude into the photographer’s camera frame.

It will be best to ensure before making your final decision on a photographer and videographer that they are able to work together. Ask them, as you may need to change your choice based on which one has the most complaints about the other. This could be an indication of not wanting to work together. The last thing you will want on your wedding day.

When photographer and videographer work together as a team you can be assured of stunning photographs and a wonderful video viewing experience of the day’s events that passed by so quickly.

I will be using a videographer at my wedding. How important is audio?

It is said that 70% of what you see is what you hear. When choosing your wedding videographer it is good to check whether they are able to offer clear audio.

Some videographers use the audio recorded via the video camera mics. This will not produce clear audio. Others may use lavalier mics which are great for the ceremony but not practical for the reception. At the reception the DJ plays an important roll in that to record the reception speeches clearly it will be best to “tap” directly into their sound system. Therefore it will be good to check with your DJ whether they able to provide the videographer with a suitable output connection. If not, it may be difficult for the videographer, if not impossible to record crystal clear sound.

I’ve inserted a short clip of audio recorded during a wedding ceremony using lavalier mics (not wireless) that record directly onto a iphone or iPod. I have found this to be the most practical way of recording clear audio unobtrusively.

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